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I promise to be by your side with tender care, loving presence and sensitivity. In that case, youd benefit much better from a sensitivity training. Tantra massage for men: When you come for a tantric massage. Welcome to a sacred space of universal love and initiation, where you can pamper yourself with touches from the tantric heart and experience the bliss by awakening your senses. As an experienced tantric practitioner, body worker and certified Reiki practitioner, my sessions are intuitive and focused on sensuality, relaxation and awareness to bring you back to your natural state of well-being).

If youre not comfortable with being completely naked, you keep on as much clothes as you wish (preferably clothes that does not get ruined if it gets a bit of oil). By cultivating the sexual energy, moving it from the genitals into the body, youll be guided with tenderness and love into a deeper sense of fulfillment, inner connection and pleasure. From the barely noticeable to the explosive sensations, and we can receive pleasure through all of our senses. I invite you to experience a loving journey into your souls bliss. Intuitive and sensual massage, intuitively and sensually your entire body will be massaged in an intimate atmosphere with an organic virgin coconut oil. Through conscious, sensual and loving touch your body is slowly awakened. In SoulBliss we offer tantra massage for men with a female masseur.


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Flow with the movements of our sensual touch and dive into your souls bliss when you receive a tantra massage in Copenhagen at SoulBliss. She will return with some water and sweets, and if you have any questions or wish to share elements from your experience we have time for that. I recommend for you to relax into the experience, let go of all expectations and just let your senses seduce you into your inner universe. It is a dance of energy, entwined with selfless care and love. Whether its pleasure, sexual arousal, grief or longing - or anything in between. In tantra we give space for all of it, and in doing so, anything that needs to be released will be released.

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As an experienced tantric practitioner, body worker and certified Reiki practitioner, my sessions are intuitive and focused on sensuality, relaxation and awareness to bring you back to your natural state of well-being. . You can read more about tantra massage Copenhagen here. The aim of the tantra massage is to open your senses and reconnect you to your soul, so that joy of life can flow freely and you can feel the aliveness of your body and the pleasure residing here. Your experience is unique, theres no right way or wrong way. Its an opportunity to give room to whatever arises in you. Call me at and well talk about whats best for you, or send me an email. Youll be better equipped to embrace your sexuality and erotic energy, and allow yourself to experience it fully without a need to run for the end goal.

When we really allow ourselves to receive, our heart is wide open - and that is a very vulnerable place. You can equate tantra massage with mindfulness training. Tantric massage teaches you to be more present in your body, even in moments of intensity. Our skin is closely linked to our nervous system, and when were massaged in a slow, loving and attentive manner it acts as a calibration of the nervous system so we feel loved, energetically charged, inner peace, pleasure and a sense of ease. Its for you no matter your age, height, weight, looks and regardless of where you were born or what your religious beliefs are (or arent).

Please note you need to book an appointment before you come, I ask you kindly to NOT come un-announced. Touch enhances the secretion of oxytocin, a hormone promoting our health and sense of wellbeing. Tantra massage for men can be seen as a gift of universal love. It is my experience, however, if youve been intimate with another person before, tantra massage may be a very overwhelming experience for you to start with. As you enter into the magic of our loving touch and let go of your expectations, our touch can help you to discover your true self. Tantra massage is a silent way of touching your heart.

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It invites you to feel your body, permanent hårfjerning elgiganten escort sydsjælland your desire, and to increase your ability to feel pleasure. The tantric massage is sensually awakening and at the same time deeply relaxing and nourishing. Tantra massage Copenhagen invites you to slow down and connect inwards. Tantra massage for men, tantra massage for women, tantric massage for couples. The emphasis is on relaxation and deep pleasure rather than a short-lived sexual tension. Book your appointment now, please note you need to book an appointment before you come, I ask you kindly to NOT come un-announced.

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Nye bryster sex for penge It is an invitation to experience your souls sensitivity, and its spiritual nature. Tantric massage is for all of you. Its an intuitive massage and will be different from person to person and from time to time. From here, deep healing may occur.
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As one guest once expressed it, Its the greatest declaration of love. Its about much more than just sexual pleasure, because the body has so many flavors of pleasure. Youre not meant to fit into a specific box to receive tantra massage. Read more about tantra massage Copenhagen. The one behind the exterior facade. Connecting your sexuality to your heart and expanding awareness helps you become a better lover as få større øjenbryn utro dating you enhance your ability to connect more deeply to yourself and to your partner. The tantric massage is a sensual, full body massage, where I use my hands, arms and body (body-to-body). Some of the side benefits of tantra massage for men. You gain greater confidence, become more present and relaxed, so youre no longer controlled by fear of not performing well.