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Senators. Avgolemono, a tangy egg and lemon sauce that is Thessalonikis thriving meze culture owes much to the inuence of Asia Minor (the area that now almost as tricky to perfect as mayonnaise. Melting apples, chicken softly braised in vinegar, salads Also in France of frizzy endive, egg, and chunks of smoky bacon, cheesy In Paris, Aux Lyonnais (xlyonnais. Buses serve the closest major airport, Geneva, with daily ights also from Paris to Annecys Meythet airport. Blinis with caviar are cherished by every Russian as their culinary birthright, whether eaten in a humble café or a fancy restaurant. Courses during a kaiseki could include raw baby squid marinated in soy, exquisite sashimi, sumptuous monksh liver, and, unusually for a kaiseki, duck and beef from Hyogo Prefectures Wagyu cattle.

The superb oerings from local pasticcerias feature locally grown almonds, and the pastries have a divine melt-in-the-mouth quality. With a whole month of over 600 diverse gastronomic events across the city, Sydney is the place to be in October, with gourmet dinners, night noodle markets, pop-up barbecues, and bush tucker experiences. Asia AND australasia Guangzhou International Food Festival, China Guangzhou is rightly proud of being said to have the best food in all of China. There are also direct ights from Europe to Cape Town International Airport, 30 minutes from downtown. Royalty and movie stars bask in the sizzle of the Spanish sun, while San Sebastiáns Basque chefs demonstrate the innovative Modern Spanish cuisine that has raised the bar for European gastronomy, much as Picasso rewrote the rules for modern art. Morcilla A blood sausage or black pudding. A restaurant thats been run by the same family for seven generations really doesnt have a lot to prove. Harveys deft touch makes the meat shine, in dishes such as his delicately sweet venison carpaccio, matched innovatively with the fresh spiciness of radish and watercress and the bite of Manchego cheese. Getting there There are direct ights to Santorini Airport from Europe, and regular domestic ights from Athens. In this vibrant modern city, preservation is the watchword for historic buildings and gastronomy alike.

The culture and economy here are based on Less prized than the white trues of Piedmont, farming and hunting. Map in hand, set out from Place St Paul in Old Lyon to explore the cobbled lanes. Kralan is a cake made from steamed rice, beans or peas, grated coconut, and coconut milk. Jerk chicken, pork, and seafood come with old-style corn fritters. Pimientos rellenos Stued peppers: there are a number of varieties, the most common being small triangular peppers from the north (either green or red) lled with salt cod and whipped potato. A long list of toppings allows you to invent your very own pizza with your favorite avors. 41 42 europe Right The regular line outside the famous Magpie Café sh-andchips restaurant in Whitby, North Yorkshire Below Crisply battered cod and piping-hot chips are accompanied by the traditional northern garnish, mushy peas A Day in Whitby Essentials. The restaurant also holds cooking classes once a week.

Afternoon Ringed with cafés and restaurants, Plaza Mayor has been Madrids central gathering spot since it was completed in 1619. Shade is offered by the pedestrian-friendly alleys with their pale facades and myriad galleries, while bars and bistros provide refreshment. M The Witchery (expensive) is a 16th-century gem by Edinburgh Castle with opulently theatrical suites. A Contre Courant moderate (415) Place du Calvaire, Le Port, Cancale; t Behind a century-old marble counter in this impossibly narrow restaurant, the wisecracking Sancimino brothers serve up oysters from around North America and the Pacic. Petersburg (Russia) 745 shrimp 171, 183 cassoulet 1423 puer sh 208 St-Vincent Tournante, Burgundy (South Africa) 322 Prince Albert Olive Festival (South Africa) 324 puri (atbread) 193, 230 (France) 322 pistachios) 178 boeuf bourguignon 1415 moqueca capixaba (shrimp stew).


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Petersburg; open 5 PMmidnight daily; m Also. Yet its market stands brimming with potatoes Food does more than satisfy hunger it awakens the senses and becomes the touchstone of massage 24 thai massage med sex memory. In a country where most food is fried Dutch, and as Yogyas military power declined, the city and everyone eats rice three times a became instead a cultural oasis, promoting the day, its perhaps inevitable that nasi development. The clink ethnic restaurants, and temples of Michelin-starred of coin has accompanied trade, renement, theres much to savor. From here walk west to the huge statue of Kartlis Deda, Mother of Kartli (the central region of Georgia who in true Georgian fashion wields an enormous sword in one hand while the other holds a bowl of wine.